A Letter from the Winter Springs Chief of Police

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Dear Residents:
As your chief of police, I feel compelled  to share some factual information with  you concerning the proposed Constitutional amendment being placed on the November ballot titled, "The Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions".  The Florida Police Chiefs Association, the Florida Sheriff's Association, The American Medical  Association, the  National Cancer Institute,  the  American Cancer Society, and many  other  medical  professionals  are  strongly  opposed  to  the  current   proposed  Constitutional amendment.  I believe the amendment could place the safety of our citizens, children, and community in Winter Springs as a whole, in jeopardy.  I am also gravely concerned that medical marijuana will have a negative impact on our business community  and the quality of life we have come to enjoy.   In other states, storefront  marijuana dispensaries have become magnets for crime and other businesses do not want to be located near them.  Without clear guidelines for enforcement or appropriate regulation, this proposed amendment could create unintended consequences. We are already beginning to see this in states where medical marijuana,as proposed here, has already been legalized.
I will be the first to stand up for our families, children, and anyone in need of proper medical treatment for debilitating diseases as stated in the ballot summary, as I have personally lived through this ordeal with both of my parents. The recently signed "Charlotte's Web" legislation already provides this level of care.  What  you  may  not  know  unless  you  have  conducted  your  own  research  into  this  ballot amendment, is Article X Section 29 subsection (b)(l) allows medical marijuana use for "other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh  the  potential health risks for a patient''. The language in the Ballot Summary which will appear in front of voters only mentions "debilitating diseases" and leaves out these crucial details, leaving doctors discretion to make recommendations  for those conditions not on the list (i.e. chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasm, etc.). All available evidence suggests that users of medical marijuana for cancer or AIDS treatment represent a small percentage of users- around 5%.
The Ballot Summary as written  provides the voter limited and incomplete information on which to base an educated decision.   I am asking you to  fully  educate yourself  on the  facts of this  Constitutional amendment before voting.  Please conduct research that you feel will allow this opportunity. You may visit www.winterspringsfl.org for  more  information on this important  topic, or you may contact  me directly  should you desire.   I can be reached at kbrunelle@winterspringsfl.org or by calling 407-327-
Kevin P. Brunelle
Chief of Police
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