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About RSS Feeds

What is RSS?
RSS is a format that is used to publish news and content that is frequently updated in a standardized format.

What do I need to read RSS Feeds?
RSS feeds can be read with RSS feed readers also known as "aggregators". These feed readers can be either web based, desktop based or mobile based. With a RSS feed reader, you can add multiple feeds from multiple websites and view them within the same software.

How do I add a feed to my reader?
With most browsers and desktop readers, just click on the RSS feed icon ( rssbutton.jpg) to add the feed to your reader. This will take you to a feed page that will give you one click buttons to add the feed to your reader.

I do not have a reader yet, can you suggestion one?
As stated above, there are many different types of readers. Some of the more popular web-based readers are Bloglines, Google Reader and My Yahoo. Some browsers, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 have built in feed readers. Click here for a list of more popular readers.