ePlans ProjectDox - Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What is ePlans ProjectDox?
ePlans ProjectDox is a web based Electronic Plan Review solution that allows plans for Building Permits and Development Projects to be submitted electronically, replacing the traditional paper-based review method. ePlans ProjectDox will reduce the plan review cycle time, reduce costs (Paper, Ink, Gasoline), reduce trips back and forth for revisions, and it supports green initiatives.

2) Do I need a computer to use ePlans ProjectDox?
 Answer-Yes. You must use a computer with internet access for ePlans ProjectDox. You will also need a valid email address to interact with the notifications sent from ePlans ProjectDox.

3) What if I do not have access to a computer, or do not have internet access and cannot submit my Building Plans or Documents Electronically?
 Answer-All contractors must submit their plans electronically

 Answer-For Homeowners the following options applies only for small simple projects
As of January 1, 2014, Files must be converted to an electronic format to be reviewed and processed within ePlans ProjectDox Electronic Plans Review System and for File Management Archiving purposes.
If you do not have access to a computer, or if you do not have internet access please use the following method to submit your building plans and documents.
Fill out a printed permit application in person and bring the Building Plans or Drawings (Limit maximum size 11 x 17) with any necessary documents to be scanned*
Bring in a CD or DVD of the Building Plans or Drawings with any necessary documents to be scanned.* One hard copy of plans and documents must be submitted to our office for a job site copy.
Fees will Apply* for any services we must provide:
Scanning Documents (excluding the permit application)
Scanning any size Building Plans or Drawings (Limit maximum size 11 x 17)
The Building Division office is located inside the City Hall at 1126 East State Rd 434 Winter Springs, Florida 32708 407-327-1800 option 1

4) Forget your password?
 Answer-You can use the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the ePlans ProjectDox login screen. The system will ask you for your account email address, Last Name, and First Name, then prompt to answer your security questions.
5) How do I setup my computer to begin using ePlans ProjectDox?
 Answer-Go to the ePlans ProjectDox portion of our website under "Community Development". Select the ePlans New User Setup button and choose your computer's operating system. The site will give you step by step instructions.

6) When do I get my password for ePlans ProjectDox?
 Answer-After you submit an application for a permit and it meets approval. An ePlans Coordinator will e-mail you the invitation and the temporary password to begin using ePlans. 

7) Do I have to purchase any computer software to use ePlans ProjectDox?
 Answer-No, the system operates on a internet browser web based format, the only necessary software needed is for viewing files and is provided free of charge.

If you still have any other Questions or Issues we can assist you with, please contact our ePlans Support - at 407-327-5963 or customerservice@winterspringsfl.org