Winter Springs Town Center

The Winter Springs' Town Center is strategically located at State Road 434 and Tuskawilla Road at the heart of the City. The vision for the Town Center is to establish a high quality, vibrant "downtown" heart to the City with a full mix of urban services.
At build-out, the Town Center is anticipated to include as much as 800,000 SF retail, 600,000 SF office, 700 hotel units, and 4,000 residential units. The total anticipated investment is $700-800 million. Of the total acreage, 41% is currently developed, 155 in design review, with the remaining 44% (approximately 150 acres) available for development.
The Town Center is a place where people can reside in a mix of single and multiple family dwellings, and also gather to shop, relax, recreate, be entertained, attend community events, and enjoy the natural beauty of lands located in the Town Center. A typical event in the Town Center draws 4,000-5,000 people. Blumberg Boulevard, within the Town Center is now the location of choice for local weddings, multiple special events, and the annual Winter Springs Festival of the Arts.
In the Town Center, the public realm is reclaimed as an amenity for the public. Emphasis is given to the form and relationship of traditional streets, squares, and neighborhoods. Buildings are placed close to the street, framing the space as an outdoor room and parks and green spaces are provided as neighborhood gathering spaces. Rather than maintaining private property and fostering exclusivity, the Town Center invites the public in.
With an eclectic mix of shopping, dining, entertainment, and living options, the Winter Springs' Town Center is fast becoming one of central Florida's hottest destinations. It's all here waiting for you!

Magnolia Park Amphitheatre at the Town Center

Watch for the upcoming ground breaking of Magnolia Park Amphitheatre adjacent to the Cross Seminole Trail at Tuskawilla Road and Blumberg Boulevard!

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