The Greenway Interchange District Florida's Next High Tech Corridor

GID Aerial Map 6-10-13.jpg Winter Springs Greenway Interchange District is upon for business and represents a large undeveloped land area available along the Seminole County 417 corridor. Nestled just off the exit in one of the most convenient locations on the 417 Greenway is this prized jewel. This choice location is set to be the next High Tech Corridor. Just minutes from either the Orlando International airport or the Sanford airport is this well planned, vertical mixed use, premiere Research Center for High Tech.


The innovative high tech fields being targeted for opportunities are, Aviation and Aerospace, Digital Media, Modeling, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Medical Robotics, Nanotechnology, Simulation and Training, Optics and Photonics, and Sustainable Energy, which could further benefit from the city's highly educated workforce. Planning is underway with the goal to create a sustainable, walk able, research community designed to incorporate a residential and business office park development with commercial enterprises. The complex would offer the R&D community the facilities to collaborate, research, and develop all within walking distance of on-site Hotels, apartments, condos, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping. The GID opportunity site is comprised of 26 potential sites with over 378 acres. One of the key features of this opportunity site is the ease of assemblage: it offers the largest consolidation of vacant developable land within the City under the ownership of only 3 land owners.

The Next Technology Research and Development Corridor. With New Technology changing almost daily, individuals are now empowered with research tools to do what used to be done only by large corporations R&D centers. The invent of 3-D printers, Laser scanners and Nano technology now affords small companies and individuals the capability to develop prototypes quickly compared to what would have taken years to produce. The demand for High Tech Research and Development centers is high, and the City of Winter Springs recognizes its highly educated workforce collaborated with the influx of space coast scientist, engineers, and their cutting-edge technology could easily position the GID to be the Next High-Tech Corridor of Central Florida. Contact: Amanda Webb - Planner 407-327-5967