Land and Permit Information
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Land Information System provides access to the following types of data:
• Address
• County/City Parcel Identification Number
• Legal descriptions
• Parcel addresses
• Parcel identification numbers
• Property Owner
• Property ownership
• Subdivision
• Zoning

System Upgrade in Progress - Only Inspection Results are Available at this Time.

Permit Information System provides access to the following types of data:
• Active, Inactive or All permit statuses
• Activities (Clearance Checklist)
• Applicant Information
• Conditions of Approval
• Contact Information
• Date range of permit issuance
• Inspection History and Corrections
• Link to Parcel Information
• Parcel Address
• Parcel Flags
• Permit Addresses, as applicable
• Permit Flags
• Permit Genealogy
• Permit Issued, Entered and Completed Dates
• Permit Owner Information
• Permit Type and Number
• Permit Type Description
• Professional Information
• Project Flags
• Project Number and Description
• Quantity Groups and Quantity Detail Codes
• Scope of Permit
• Structural Classification, as applicable to building permits

Note: The land and permit history accessible through the new application provides information beginning with January 1, 2008. Please contact Community Development for information about older permits at (407) 327-5963.

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