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The City is no longer accepting Paper Building Plans. All Building Plans must now be submitted electronically through the ePlans ProjectDox Plan Review System.
ePlans ProjectDox Support
Available 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday
(407) 327-5963
STEP 1 – Submit an Application for a Permit or Project via email
You must first submit an application to the City for a construction or development project requiring drawing plans and other documents. After the application gets approval, the City's Permit Specialist will enter the information into the City's permitting system to begin the process.
Email the notarized application to customerservice@winterspringsfl.org
STEP 2 – Receive a Temporary Password to Login
When the permit application is received, the Permit Specialist will then have the ePlans ProjectDox system send an email to you, the “Project Coordinator” inviting you to login to the ePlans ProjectDox website. Attached will be the Link to the ePlans ProjectDox Login webpage and a temporary password. Do Not Login until you have completed Steps #3 & #4 first.
STEP 3 – (Internet Explorer Users) Set Up Your Computer (allow 5-10 minutes set up time)
ePlans ProjectDox software now runs on Internet Explorer (IE), Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. IE users will need to make the following adjustments to their IE browser. First, open an IE browser tab. Using the Browser “TOOLS” button, turn on the “COMPATIBILITY VIEW” then add the webpage: https://eplans.winterspringsfl.org/ProjectDox/ to the setting. Using the “INTERNET OPTIONS” “PRIVACY” tab, check the “TURN ON POP-UP BLOCKERS” box then add https://eplans.winterspringsfl.org/ProjectDox/ to the “SETTINGS”. Using the “INTERNET OPTIONS” “SECURITY” tab, add the webpage: https://eplans.winterspringsfl.org/ProjectDox/  to your “TRUSTED SITES” in Internet Options.
STEP 4 – Install ePlans ProjectDox Components (allow 5 minutes set up time)
You will now be able to download the "ProjectDox Components" Software (Active X Control and Brava Viewer) This free software will allow you to view and upload electronic plans into the ePlans ProjectDox website. Look for the second row of rectangular boxes beneath the Login Portal on the ePlans ProjectDox Login Portal webpage. Click the link “Install the ProjectDox Components”, choose RUN. When completed you will be able to Log into to the ePlans Projectdox system. If you are unable to view drawings on your computer call 407-327-6562 for ePlans Support. To Login to ePlans ProjectDox: CLICK HERE for the LOGIN PORTAL WEBPAGE 
STEP 5 – Prepare Files for Submittal
(A) File Types - PDFs or Vector PDF are the only drawing files the ePlans ProjectDox Review System will accept.
(B) Submit the Correct Plan Sizes – Standard sizes are 8.5"x11",11"x17", 24"x36" *IMPORTANT - NEVER CHANGE THE PLAN SIZE WHEN RESUBMITTING CORRECTIONS
(C) Create Folders - Create a New folder on your computer hard drive and name it your “Project Name or the Customer's Name or Address”. Create sub-folders in that new folder: "Corrections", "Approved”, and “Revisions” if needed. This will allow you to resubmit corrected drawings and documents from the Corrections folder using the exact same file names that were used in the first submittal from the Drawing and Documents folders. The Reason: When placing a new file with the exact same file name in the same folder on your computer, your computer sees it as a duplicate and will automatically rename it “file name”(2) or it will ask you to replace the original file.
(D) Name the Drawing Files Correctly - See the File Naming Chart for examples, eg. A000 – Cover, A001 – Wall Detail, P001 – Plumbing, E001 – Electrical. Incorrect file names will be rejected. A. Smith 123 Elm St E1 Electrical Plan Use the folder on your computers hard drive for the client name or street name. Only one drawing page per file name, multi-page batch drawings are not permitted. Please make sure the computer file name matches what the Design Professional named and numbered the drawing.
(E) NEW - Product Approval Form- The Building department now requires only one form for the Florida Product Approval submittal for plan review. Fill in the Florida Product Approval numbers with decimals for the plan review process. After the permit is issued, print the Florida product approval sheets listed below from the Florida building website  http://www.floridabuilding.org. Keep all the documents on the job site until all inspections are completed. CLICK HERE for the PRODUCT APPROVAL FORM
STEP 6 – Digital Seals and Signatures - (Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Interior Designers should allow 30-45 minutes set up time) Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Interior Designers can easily email the contractors Digitally Signed and Sealed Drawings as PDFs. Digitally Signed and Sealed Plans MUST be uploaded in their original Digital format. Scanned Digitally Sealed Plans will not be accepted as scanning removes the digital signature and seal. Every engineered drawing uploaded for review to the City of Winter Springs ePlans website must have a Digital Seal and Signature combo. All design professionals will also need to have their identity authenticated by a third party Certification Authority per State Statue 471.025 & Florida Administrative Code 61G15-23.003. Click Here for the DIGITAL SIGNATURES SET-UP GUIDES WEBPAGE
The PEDDS system was discontinued effective July 1, 2015, by its owner and is no longer accepted. 
STEP 7 – Begin Uploading Plans and Documents
Uploading the specific files and documents can thus begin. First time uploaders should call 407-327-6562 before uploading plans to ensure the upload will be done correctly. VERY IMPORTANT – After the upload, you must click the “WORKFLOW PORTALS” button then, select the hyperlink “APPLICANT UPLOAD”. A yellow form will appear with the PERMIT INFORMATION tab highlighted. Next, CLICK the “UPLOAD COMPLETE” button at the very bottom right of the yellow form to start your review process. The City of Winter Springs Plans Review departments will then review the plans and documents accordingly. Each department will have access to the plans in ePlans ProjectDox, and use the ProjectDox workflow, collaboration and view/markup tools to complete the plan reviews. The original plan files themselves are protected and archived in order to ensure they are never altered or modified in any way. All red-lines, markups, and annotations for revisions that are applied to the plan files occur on virtual layers stacked on top of the original plans within ePlans ProjectDox. Reports and review status progress are also available in ePlans ProjectDox system.
STEP 8 – If Corrections are Needed
You will be emailed a notice to login and review the (markups) noted on the drawings to make the necessary corrections. VERY IMPORTANT – To VIEW the MARKUPS you must click the RED PENCIL with the exclamation mark to the right of the drawing or document icon in each folder. The changemarks popup will load, check the box next to the changemark then click view. Changemarks can be copied and emailed to Engineers if needed. You can also view changemarks by selecting the “WORKFLOW PORTALS” button then, select the hyperlink “APPLICANT RESUBMIT”. A yellow form will appear with the "REVIEW INFORMATION" tab highlighted. Next, select the “LOAD CHANGEMARKS Hyperlink” and review the markups. Commercial Projects should also view the MET/NOT MET MARKUPS report under the “PROJECT REPORTS” button. You can also print a MARKUPS LISTING report and the MET/NOT MET MARKUPS report from the “Project Reports” button. Notify or email your Engineer, Architect or Designer the Markups and they will make the necessary corrections and email you the newly corrected drawings and documents to resubmit into ePlans ProjectDox website again for review. If needed, they too can be added to the project to view the markups and its location.
STEP 9 – Resubmitting Corrected Plans
IMPORTANT - NEVER CHANGE THE FILE NAME WHEN RESUBMITTING. The corrected files will automatically appear with a V2 after the file name denoting it was resubmitted correctly. VERY IMPORTANT - AFTER YOU UPLOAD THE CORRECTED FILES, you must go to your "WORKFLOW PORTALS” button (SAME AS STEP 7). In addition, you will Check off the small CHECKBOXES on the left of the yellow form then click the “COMPLETE” button under the "REVIEW INFORMATION" tab at the very bottom right to start the next review cycle. The review cycle continues until all the regulatory requirements are satisfied and the jurisdiction grants approval for the plans and the permit. When the project is approved you will be notified via email.
STEP 10 – Pay for Permit Fees
In order to receive your permit and begin work, the outstanding permit fees must be paid in full within 180 days. Please contact the City of Winter Springs Building Department to obtain the payment amount due at (407) 327-5963. Make your credit card payment (fees may apply) over the phone or if you prefer to pay with a check, you will need to do so in person at the City of Winter Springs Building Department 1126 East SR434 Winter Springs, FL. 32708 between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday. VERY IMPORTANT – After paying fees you must click the “WORKFLOW PORTALS” button then, select the hyperlink "FINAL FEES”. A yellow form will appear with the PERMIT INFORMATION tab highlighted. Next, CLICK the “FEES PAID” button at the very bottom right of the yellow form. This will allow you to download and print your approved drawings and documents.
STEP 11 – Print Your Plans
After payment and clicking the final fees button look for the small download/print icon (blue arrow pointing down to a tiny grey printer) that appears next to the little blue magnifying glass on each drawing file name. Save the files to your computer's hard drive folder named APPROVED then print. Approved plans will remain available for only 90 days. You are required to print one set of plans to be placed in a Permit Box or kept available on the job site. Local vendors are available to print large plan sizes, just Google “Blueprint printing”.
STEP 12 – Now You Can Print Out Your Own Permit
After payment, the Permit Card can be emailed to you. The Permit Card must be posted in plain sight on the job site, visible from the street or right of way at all times until the completion of the project.
Everything you need for Building and Permitting can be accessed from our Homepage.  http://www.winterspringsfl.org/EN/index.htm On the bottom right side of the Homepage hover your mouse over BUILDING & PERMITS. There you will find :
Electronic Submittal Advantages
Submit your Building Plans online 24 Hours a day/7 days a week
Upload plans from your computer, reducing trips/time driving back & forth
View and compare Building Plans on computer monitors or tablets
Review of Building Plans will take only days instead of weeks
Compare Building Plan corrections quickly with plan overlays
Receive email notifications for corrections and completion of the review
No need to drive to city hall to replace the corrections on paper plans
Complete Integration with computer archive systems saving scanning & time
SAVINGS: Driving time, review time, fuel, paper, ink, and the environment
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