Field, Pavilion and Civic Center Rentals

Ball Field Rental

Before 5PM                                $20/hr*              $40/hr*
After 5PM                                   $30/hr*              $45/hr*
For More Information on Ball Field Rentals Please Call: 407-327-6589

Pavilion Rental

~The rental of a pavilion assures that the time slot reserved, either 9:00AM-1:00PM or 2:00PM-6:00PM, will be available despite other visitors or inclement weather. If there is any issue, contact the Parks and Recreation office at 407-327-6597. Pavilion rentals must be made in person at the Central Winds Park administrative office Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

PAVILION SIZE                           RESIDENT             NON-RESIDENT
Large Pavilion                            $50/4hr Block*      $70/4hr Block*
Medium Pavilion                         $40/4hr Block*      $60/4hr Block*
Small Pavilion                            $30/4hr Block*      $50/4hr Block*
Admittance to Splash Playground is not included with rental of pavilion.
For More Information on Pavilion Rentals Please Call: 407-327-6597

Civic Center Rental

DURATION                               RESIDENT          NON-RESIDENT
1 Hour Rental                             $79*                    $104*
2 Hour Rental                             $139*                  $164*
3 Hour Rental                             $207*                  $232*
4 Hour Rental                             $271*                  $296*
5 Hour Rental                             $336*                  $361*
8 Hour Rental                             $390*                  $415*
The Winter Springs Civic Center has 2000 square feet of event space and a 335 square foot kitchen. Ideal for groups of up to 100 people.
For More Information on Civic Center Rentals Please Call: 407-327-6556

Blumberg Blvd. Gazebos

~Any road closures will require a special event permit.

PURPOSE                                   RESIDENT            NON-RESIDENT
Wedding Rentals                         $100/4hr Block *     $140/4hr Block *
* Prices do not include Sales Tax
For More Information on Blumberg Gazebo Rentals Please Call: 407-327-6597