1. Question: I know it states to replace Mitel. Would you be willing to look at a Avaya solutions or no?
    Response: Mitel is the System we currently have and are looking to replace. We are open to considering any telephone system from any vendor which meets our requirements as set out in the RFP document.
  2. Question: I know you are looking for ACD capability...how many total agents do you support within your ACD queue?
    Response: We do not currently have a ACD capability but wish to have that capability with the new system for up to 25 agents initially.
  3. Question: Do you have video today? What type?
    Response: Currently the City does not have the capability to support video conferencing.
  4. Question: If not are you looking at desktop or group for the future?
    Response: At this time the City has not made a definitive decision. However, the initial implementation would be on an individual or desktop basis.
  5. Question: On calls to cellular phones - how many are required?
    Response: The City's initial purchase will be for a quantity of 25.
  6. Question: Does everybody need presence capabilities?
    Response: Yes.
  7. Question: Is the pricing worksheet available in excel format?
    Response: Yes. You can obtain an excel version of the pricing worksheet here.
  8. Question: Do you have a copy of the RFP in word format?
    Response: No. However, we do have a PDF document that has the submittal pages that can be completed electronically. For a copy of this PDF document with fill-able pages click here.
  9. Question: Can we substitute the above with Avaya switches?
    Response: No.
  10. Question: What is an AED device?
    Response: An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator. These devices are located at certain facilities around town and contain an analog dialer. When the cabinet is opened, the device calls 911 with a pre-recorded message and sounds an audible alarm. For a complete description on these device please click here.
  11. Question: Do you have a call center that manages incoming 911 calls, if so what system do you use?
    Response: Currently our PBX interfaces with the VIPER 911 system via eight (8) analog administration lines that come from our PRI and three (3) dedicated analog phone lines outside of the PRI for a total of 11 lines sent to the VIPER 911 system. Our MITEL system receives calls for the Police Department Administration Building and passes them over to the VIPER 911 system via these lines. This allows for all calls coming into the main line at the Police Department to be recorded. The VIPER 911 system is maintained by Seminole County Public Safety but all 911 calls for Winter Springs are answered by the Winter Springs Police Department on two (2) 911 Dispatch stations.
  12. Question: I submitted a question regarding RFP 007/11/JD VoIP Telephony System and don't see it listed on the BID FAQ web page.
    Response: If you've submitted a question regarding this RFP and don't see your question listed within 24 hours (business days M-F), please notify the City Contact at 407-327-5975.
  13. Question: When is the last day to submit questions regarding this RFP?
    Response: Knowing the close of the RFP is 3PM on July 6th, we recommend you use reasonable judgement and allow yourself several business days when submitting questions so as to give the City sufficient time to receive and respond to the question(s), and to give you, the vendor, adequate time to compile your RFP proposal in time to meet the deadline. Regardless of when the questions are submitted, no proposals will be accepted after the RFP deadline.
  14. Question: Page 3, Section VIII, Vendor Pricing, Item C – With regards to maintenance pricing over a three year period, what does the City require to be included in this cost hardware, software, labor?
    Response: Each vendor has their own unique models of maintenance coverage. Based on the model each vendor offers the City will evaluate and determine which model best suits the needs of the City. Therefore, please provide a detailed list of coverage you are supplying in your response so the City can properly evaluate your proposal.
  15. Question: Page 8, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – What hardware/software platform is in place for the City's IT Infrastructure? Can a network diagram be provided? If modifications need to be made to any of this equipment will that be the City's responsibility?
    Response: Currently the City uses Cisco layer 2 and 3 switches throughout the City connected primarily via a fiber network. There are two locations that are connected via VPN tunnels over a cable modem connection. A high level network diagram is available here for you to review. Modifications to the software configurations of the networks switches will be handled by the City's IT department in conjunction with the selected vendor.
  16. Question: Page 8, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – Is there a quantity of ACD agents and supervisors that must be supported by the proposed solution upon initial implementation? How many individuals require ACD statistical information?
    Response: This is addressed in Question 2 of the Bid FAQ
  17. Question: Page 8, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – What IVR applications are required by the City? How many calls will the IVR be expected to process? Do you have a specific number of ports you will require?
    Response: The City currently does not have an IVR capability. The main goal with the IVR application is to provide account information to our Utility Billing customers. The system should be able to initially process 10 calls and have capability for future expansion.
  18. Question: Page 8, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – With regards to the telepresence application, is this desktop only access or will this be required in a dedicated video conference room as well? Will this be for internal use only or for public access video conferences? What are the City's bandwidth requirements for video applications?
    Response: This is addressed in Questions 3 and 4
  19. Question: Page 9, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – With regards to the current telephone system inventory, can you please define “AED”? Do the fax machine, ring down, fire alarm analog devices use a dedicated line outside of the phone system or pass thru the phone system?
    Response: This is addressed in Question 10. All analog devices listed in the RFP utilize the City's current phone system.
  20. Question: Page 10, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – With regards to the requirement for City Hall and the Police Department, the ability to make and receive calls is only to other City phone users on the City's fiber network correct? Do you also require access to non-City locations if the PRI service is lost?
    Response: In the event the PRI is down it is the desire of the City to still provide 911 capability. An analog 1FB line will be secured by the City and the vendor will configure the system to send 911 calls out this analog line in the event, and only in the event, the PRI is down.
  21. Question: Page 10, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – Is there a minimum number of buttons, line appearances that must be provided for the requested handsets? Are all of the sets to be the same?
    Response: It is up to the vendor to suggest a comparable and capable handset configuration. An extensive list of all handset types is listed at each facility in the RFP.
  22. Question: Page 10, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – Can you provide the desired number of voice mail ports the City requires or will you provide port usage information on the current voice mail so we can determine the number of ports required for the voice mail/automated attendant system?
    Response: There are currently 231 active employees with the City of Winter Springs. While not all employees require a voice mail port, the system should be capable of handling call boxes for 200 employees with the capability for future expansion.
  23. Question: Page 11, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – How many users must be supported on a conference call at any one given time? How many simultaneous conference calls will be performed?
    Response: The City currently has a single PRI with 24 channels, 23 of which can potentially be used for phone calls. Therefore, no more than 23 calls can be included in a conference call(s) at this time. If the City should choose to add an additional PRI, additional conference call capability may be required.
  24. Question: Page 11, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – With regards to the Call Reporting/Accounting requirement, will the City retain the current Metropolis system or is a new system required? If new, how many calls are handled monthly? How long is call detail to be retained?
    Response: If the current Metropolis system does not interface and provided data for the required reports with the proposed solution, one may be included as a replacement that provides the required functionality.
  25. Question: Page 12, Section XXVII, Scope of Services – Will the City accept other tele-presence video solutions other than the MS Lync 2010 and Cisco Tele-Presence applications?
    Response: Vendors may include other tele-presence applications in their proposals if they desire. However, these applications must meet the requirements stated in the RFP.
  26. Question: An additional general question, can you please let me know how much fiber is in place, how many strands, is it single mode or multi-mode fiber, and will the City provide the terminating equipment for the fiber?
    Response: See the map in Question 15.
  27. Question: The RFP requires that Vendors submit eight (8) complete sets (in hardcopy format) and one additional complete set in electronic format. Does this mean that all eight (8) sets must be originals containing actual signatures or is it ok to submit one complete original (complete with original signatures) and seven (7) copies of the original?
    Response: You may submit one (1) complete original set containing actual signatures and seven (7) copies of that original; all eight (8) must be in printed/hardcopy format. The one (1) electronic version must also be a copy of the original containing signatures.
  28. Question: Is there a current network map available for the WAN?
    Response: Yes. See Question 15 for the high level map.
  29. Question: Please describe the Ring Down Circuits, are they connected to the existing phone system or direct to a phone line, and what is there function?
    Response: This has been addressed in Question 19.
  30. Question: Same question on the Fire alarm , how are they connected?
    Response: This has been addressed in Question 19.
  31. Question: Same question on the fax, how are they connected?
    Response: This has been addressed in Question 19.
  32. Question: Do you have POTS lines into the City and will you be keeping them in place?
    Response: There are currently three (3) POTS or 1FB lines into the City at our Police Department Administration Building. These lines are used in the event the PRI fails we can redirect our main numbers to these lines and route them into our Dispatch Center.
  33. Question: Is there a current contract on the PRI, as we are proposing a Cloud Based Solution, we would be porting your existing phone numbers to our provider. Who is your current provider and do they also provide your internet access?. What is the current bandwidth available? Can you bandwidth be increased?
    Response: The City has signed a 36-month agreement with Deltacomm for our PRI service. The City also has signed an agreement with BrightHouse Networks to provide Internet access to the City and its facilities. Currently the City has a single Metro-E connection of 5MBs.
  34. Question: Please verify that the RFP does not include the 911/emergency services call center. This would be required to tie into a 911 CallCenter locally instead of just providing the proper information to the Emergency Center.
    Response: This is addressed in Question 11.
  35. Question: How many concurrent ACD agents and supervisors will be required?
    Response: This is addressed in Question 2.
  36. Question: How many skill sets are required… Like, Help Desk, Permits, Police, etc?
    Response: Please clarify this question.
    Updated Question: Sure… Skillsets are like a que in a callcenter.  A skillset aligns to a person's capabilities to resolve the customer issue.
    Updated Response: At this time the City has not yet fully decided how to best implement this feature.  At this time we are requesting the proposed VoIP solution offer these capabilities with future scope to be determined.
  37. Question: Please clarify E-911 capability. Are there certain features that the system must provide besides providing a unique ANI for each location? Are more than one zone anticipated per site?
    Response: Each handset at a particular physical location should respond with the physical address location in the Caller ID to the 911 network.  For example, all handsets located at City Hall will appear as 407-327-1800 (main line to City Hall) with a physical location of 1126 E. State Road 434.
  38. Question: How many 2 button and 6 button phones are required?
    Response: This is addressed in Question 21.
  39. Question: Are there operators that will require a side car or Attendant Console, if so how many users will they support?  A side car can support an additional 48 extensions, whereas an Attendant Console can scale higher and support more extensions
    Response: At this time the City has not yet identified if any users will require either option listed.  There are a few Administrative Assistants that may require these options depending on what the vendor options are for standard handsets.
  40. Question: Is Gigabit PoE required at all sites?   For small sites with under 8 phones we would recommend 10/100.
    Response: Yes.
  41. Question: For Sites with 2 phones, do you still want POE there or can we provide a power brick instead to keep the cost down?
    Response: See Page 10, System Requirements in the RFP.
  42. Question: Does the Police Station have any circuits that we can tie into for redundancy on the WAN side?
    Response: Please see Question 15 for a high level network diagram.  The redundant link between PD and City Hall is in place but not operational at this time.
  43. Question: May a vendor come by for a walk through of your facilities?
    Response: No.
  44. Question: Can a vendor review the Public Works site where you are requesting the Fiber replacement.
    Response: There is no fiber replacement within the scope of this project.
  45. Question: Everything goes over your circuit (PRI) for all your sites and there are no switches at any remote sites?
    Response: Correct.  All phone calls into the City comes across one (1) PRI.
  46. Question: All the analog devices/faxes are over the PRI with DID's pointed towards these devices.
    Response: Correct.  Any analog device that needs an outside DID has one thru our PRI.
  47. Question: I am confused by your diagram with the “Public Works” locations.  Your visio only shows 2 locations (right side bldg #2) and left side (assumption for bldg #3).  The RFP contains 3 different addresses:
    110 N Flamingo Ave (Think this is #2)
    150 Hartman Lane (Bldg #3)
    380 Old Oviedo Sanford Rd (Lost on the Visio?)
    Response: All the Public Works Facilities are located on the PDF map.  They are:
    110 N Flamingo Ave - Old Public Works (Upper left hand corner of map)
    150 Hartman Lane - Per Node at New Public Works, Building 3 (Right side of map, in the middle).
    380 Old Oviedo Sanford Rd - Superset hub at Building 2 in New Public Works compound (Upper right hand corner of map)
  48. Question: IVR for the new system…. Are you looking for inbound callers to have the ability to call in and get to their account to pay a bill?
    Response: This has been addressed in Question 17.
  49. Question: Why do you have the fire alarm for the Parks and Administration Bldg running through the system?  We always keep the fire alarm separate from the phone system.
    Response: This is done to reduce the monthly reoccurring costs associated with operating these devices which helps to keep Winter Springs taxes one of the lowest in Seminole County.
  50. Question: In the RFP it states that you have a need for 300 mailboxes.  I count a total of 157 handsets and 4 conference phones. (Not counting immediate future expansion).  Assuming that the conference phones do not have a mailbox which is most often the case, is your count of 300 additional to the 157 handsets or are you looking at an additional 143 mailboxes since everyone with a handset will already have one.
    Response: Not every employee in the City has a DID number or internal extension.  Some employees have voice mailboxes only.  Additionally, the City has some voice mailboxes for pre-recorded message that citizens can call into and listen to important messages.
  51. Question: With regards to desktop video / tele-presence, will the City provide the camera that would be mounted on the desktop device (laptop / PC) or will the vendor be required to provide them?
    Response: The City will provide these cameras on an as needed basis.
  52. Question: Once the bids are submitted July 6th, what is the timeframe for decision, project commencement and first day of service?
    Response: Once the bids have been reviewed an agenda item will be presented to Commission for formal approval of this project.  This presentation before Commission is tentatively scheduled for the first meeting in  August (our Commission meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month).  If approved by Commission, final negotiations will begin with the selected vendor with work to commence shortly thereafter.
  53. Question: I would like to better understand your LAN/WAN topology. Does your current network support POE and QOS? Or should the response include the networking solution to support VOIP?
    Response: The City's current network does not have POE or QOS implemented as the City currently utilizes a traditional PBX implementation.   The network equipment suggested for each facility should support a VoIP implementation.  A high level diagram of the network is posted in Question 15.
  54. Question: Are you considering the replacement of or management of your network access as part of this solution. For instance, in a managed service or some hosted solutions the network access is included in the monthly price.
    Response: No.
  55. Question: Does the City of Winter Springs have the MS Lync Server?
    Response: No.